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From: mike loggerman
Subject: Finding a Twink - 2NOTE: This is a work of fiction and is not based on anyone, living or dead
nor on real events. The story is the product of the imagination of the
I was sitting at home, when a guy I worked with came to the door. He came
in and said he had to ask me a favor. We had never talked about me being
gay, but most people knew I was. He came in and started talking about his
son. He found out his son was gay when he looked at his computer and found
his stash of gay porn. He had suspected his son was gay for a while. What
concerned him was that his son was a chubby kid and he was afraid he would
be pushed around and get mixed up with guys who would hurt him. The last
straw happened earlier that day, when he walked in on his son sucking off
the middle aged Hispanic guy who mows their lawn. He asked if I would be
willing to talk with his son, maybe explain how to be safe. I said I would
help in any way I could, as long as there would be no trouble. He said when
he was 16, he had sex with an older woman bbs ls pics model who taught him a lot, and was
hoping that as another chubby bbs board teen guy, I could do the same for his son. I was
surprised at what he was asking me. His son was about 16. I mentioned that
he was underage, but he said it was OK, and would write a note saying he
knew his son was gay, and would not press any charges resulting from my
relationship with his son.Later that night, his son came to my house. I let him in and asked if he was
OK, and he said he was and just wanted to come over and talk. He walked in
with his head down, showing his really low self esteem. I let him in, and
he sat opposite me on the couch. I had known him for a few years. He
looked like a younger version of me. We engaged in cp elwebbs pink
some small chat for a
while before he got to the point.He said he had never been with a guy, except for blowing a few men he met,
but it was all he thought about. I told him when I was his age, I
fantasized about naked men all the time, and had sex with a lot of men I
met, but while some just used me to get off, some were pretty abusive to me,
and I never felt like any of them cared about me. At the time I liked it
because I got bbs love
to feel their bodies and suck them off. He asked me about my
first time with a man.I told him I was 14, and went to a park near my house. It was illegal bbs toplist
a remote
area, and they had a latrine type men's room. I was chubby like him, and it
was a hot day, so I took off my tee shirt and sat on the toilet. A hairy
middle aged man came in and stood at the urinal. He kept looking at my
naked body and said I looked really nice. He took off his tee shirt and
turned towards me and I got hard instantly. darkcollection bbs biz
I stood up and he started
feeling me all over. I never had a man feel me like that before and it was
incredible. I started stroking his big hairy cock, and he asked me to suck
him. I had never sucked a cock before so I started slowly and younger models bbs he guided me
through it and I sucked him till he shot in my mouth. Then he got on his
knees and sucked me and fingered my ass until I shot my load. He told me he
was there every day at the same time if I wanted to do it again. I met him
there the next day and bbs ls pics model he offered to take me to a motel. elwebbs younger free pics
I went with him
and when we got naked and lay in bed he felt me all over and asked if I had
ever been fucked before. I said no. He said he would love to fuck me, so I
said OK. He started fingering my ass and said once I got used to being
fucked, I would love it. sun bbs angels He pulled my legs up on my chest and slowly worked
his big cock inside me. It really hurt at first, but when the pain went
away, cp elwebbs pink I loved feeling him inside me and feeling his hairy body against my
smooth body. I was so excited I shot my load without touching myself. He
thrust harder and harder, and shot his load inside me. He got dressed, said
he would see me around, and I never saw him again. I loved the sex, but I
felt used and empty inside.As he listened, I saw he had a bulge growing in his sweats. He said he
wanted to experience sex with a guy and he liked this guy and thought it
would be cool to give his virginity to him, but didn't know how to approach
him. I said if he is a nice guy, he will probably at least be flattered,
but if the guy wasn't interested, he would at least not tell anyone about
it. He looked me in the eyes, and said the guy is me. I asked him why he
was interested in me. Surely there were younger good looking guys around
who were more appealing to him than me.He said he angels free bbs liked that I was chubby like him, darkcollection bbs biz
and he had jerked off several
times thinking about being with me. I started to get hard, and admitted to
him that I had tried to imagine him naked when I had seen him. I asked if
anyone had ever made love to him before, and he said no. I told him real
sex with a man is not just sucking his cock, but affection, and making the
other person feel good. He asked if i wanted to see him naked. I told him
I would love to. He slipped out of his tee shirt and sweats, and stood
before me naked. He had a smooth chest and stomach with big meaty tits. He
had large dark brown nipples, and hairy pits. He had a thick brown bush
with a seven inch circumcised cock.I ran my hands along his smooth chest, gently caressing free children sex bbs his breasts, before
leaning in and softly sucking his big brown nipples. He lifted his arms and
let illegals boys bbs
me feel and lick his hairy armpits. As I licked his pits, he started to
shake. I ls bbs cp slid my hands between his legs, fondling his big smooth balls, and
stroking his hard cock. He shuddered as I felt his most intimate places and
let me play with his brown bush as I licked and sucked his cock. I breathed
in deeply to get the aroma of his sweaty crotch as I sucked him. I was so
turned on to be sucking a 16 year old boy bbs illega with a big cock and had a
permission slip from his dad to have sex with him. I played with his hard
nipples as I sucked his cock, and soon he said he was going to cum. I
sucked him harder and faster, and soon I felt his cock throb and he filled
my mouth with a huge load of cum which I swallowed as he watched.I told him I found one way his body wasn't like mine. I told him his cock
was much bigger than mine was. I took off my clothes and let him explore my
body, feeling its hairiness, and my small cock. His hands shook as he felt
me all over. He lay in bed with me and we spent a long time enjoying the
feel of each other's naked body against our own. We lay in a 69 position
and sucked each other, burying our faces in each other's pubes. He started
to shake and throb, and I sucked him harder and faster until he surrendered
his thick load in my mouth. I savored his cum before swallowing it. He
sucked me and stroked me until I shot my load. He swished it in his mouth
before swallowing it. As we lay in bed, holding each other, I asked if he
liked what we were doing. He said he loved it as he clung to me. We held
each other's sweaty body and kissed passionately.He asked if we were done, and I said that we were only half done. I told
him we hadn't really made love until his hard cock was deep inside me and
filling me with his hot cum. I porno lola bbs asked him if he wanted to fuck me. I held
his rock hard cock elwebbs younger free pics which was dripping precum. He said he wanted to but
didn't know how. I lay on my back. I pulled my legs up near my chest, and
he started playing with my balls and moved down to my ass. I told him to
find my hole and slide a finger inside. He slowly slid his middle finger in
my ass and started moving it in and out of me. It felt good, and I told him
to do that with his cock. I got some Vaseline, and lubed his cock with it.
He got between my legs and pressed his bulging cock head against my hole.
He started to slide in, and moved in and out until he was inside me to my
pubes. He moaned loudly as his cock moved in and out of me as he started
thrusting in and out of me. I told him I loved him fucking me as he thrust
harder and harder inside me. I told him I wanted him to fill my ass with
his cum. He grunted and moaned as he fucked me. I told him when he cummed
in my ass, I would belong to him, and he could fuck me anytime he wanted.
I said I was hot for him. kds bbs ilegal pedo He thrusted harder and harder, and I reached up
and played with his tits as he groaned and exploded inside me. As he shot
inside me we held each other, and kissed.I told him I loved him fucking me, and he asked when he could fuck me
again. I said he could fuck me as soon as he wanted to. He said with the
enthusiasm of a 16 year old that he would like to stay and fuck me all
night. I said I would love that, so before long, he was on top of me,
kissing me and fondling my breasts, telling me how much he loved fucking
me. I lifted my legs up and to my sides and I felt him positioning his cock
against my hole. He tongue kissed me deeply as he thrust his meaty cock
inside me. He was hitting my prostate with each thrust, and he sent me over
the edge. I shot my load between us and he seemed to gain illegals boys bbs
confidence with
each thrust of his cock inside me. A few moments later, I felt him explode
inside me. We were both covered with sweat, and he pulled out of me. He
licked the cum off my stomach, then lay on his back. I got between his legs
and sucked his cock clean. I started licking and sucking his balls and
moved down to the area between his balls and ass. He moaned as I licked his
sensitive area, and moved down to his sweet pucker. I licked it with my
tongue, tasting his sweat. He made pleasure noises as I tongue fucked his
ass. He asked if I would fuck him. I asked if he was sure he wanted me to,
and he said yea, so that he would belong to me as much as I belonged to
him. I licked and tongued him for a long time before I started to slide a
finger in his ass. I worked it inside him slowly so it wouldn't cause him
any pain. After a while, I moved a second finger inside him, and then a
third. I massaged his prostate, while bs girls bbs he purred with pleasure. When he was
ready, I spread his legs wide, and lubed my cock with Vaseline, and slowly
slid it inside him. As I moved in and out of him, his cock got hard and he
stroked it as I pounded his ass. I told him I was going to cum, and he
begged bbs board teen me to shoot inside him, so I thrust harder and faster, and exploded
in his ass. I kissed him and said it was great. He thanked me, and said he
thinks he likes fucking more than being fucked. I said it was OK, I like
being fucked more than fucking. He fucked me two more times and we fell
asleep.I woke up the next morning with his hard cock pressing against me. I moved
down to his crotch and sucked him slowly, enjoying the scent and feel of
adolescent cock. He woke up and ran his fingers through my hair as I sucked
him. I asked what he would like, and he said he wanted to fuck me. I
parted my legs and he slid his cock inside me. He had a morning hardon and
came quickly. He asked if I was going to leave like the guy who first
fucked me and I said no, I would be with him as much as he wanted. He said
when he fucked me he felt more like a man. We showered together, and got
dressed. I made breakfast and drove him home. When I got there, his dad
came out to thank me. It was surreal.

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